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My Dearest Gwendolyn

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Its been a fortnight since I last writ you. I’m afraid things have taken a turn for the worst. Last I writ you the cattle were acting different. Yesterday when going out to the barn ten of them were dead. Talk down at Macgregors General Store is it something called mad cow disease. I ain’t to learned on these things and dont know much about that I just know it is going to be a long cold winter if this continues. We just finished burying them out by the ole Gather farm just to be safe.

We sure do miss you and the cooking just aint been the same around here since you left. Replacement they sent from up north done and ran off with the negro in the blacksmith barn. We’re just fending for our selfs for now. They are supposed to be sending another replacement next week. 3:10 from Yuma.

Anyway, hope all is well with you up at university. Writ again when I can.

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