About Me

A little about me. I have over 30 years of personal and professional experience in the technology space. From the front end to the back end, I have been involved in many aspects in my 56 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been born in a time when the biggest leaps and growth in technology. For years they have been my playground. Always have loved what I did/do and have done my best to keep up with the evolving technology. Once mainly as a professional and now in retirement, as an enthusiast. Even though I’m retired, I still find myself deeply involved in it. As you’ll find throughout this site I am constantly exploring new options, integrations, and technologies. Mainly out of curiosity about how things work.


In May of 2022, I retired from the high-profile New York State Court of Appeals as the Director of Technical Services. I came to the Court when they and technology were in their infancy. Being there from the beginning allowed me to build it in my vision. The freedom and support to implement the latest and greatest for my 25 years there. (Prior engagements had me dabble in the military and the music store industry)


Iā€™m a father of two grown adult married children and (currently) have two fun granddaughters. The name Wawa was, in fact, given to me by the oldest, Zoe. Both she and her younger sister Nora, refer to visiting as coming to the kingdom.

I am an avid music and sports fan (long-time hockey, New York Rangers fan) and regularly find myself at some concert or game. I’ve always enjoyed the company of 15-20 thousand people, preferably outdoors in the summer, rocking out to the latest stylings. My favorite is in the Hard Rock/Classic Rock genre. Although I enjoy and listen to varied types of music and attend other concerts too. Music is the soundtrack of our lives.

In addition to the vast amounts of money and time, I pour into concert events, I enjoy biking and hiking when I can. weather permitting. I live in the Northeast and prefer to enjoy these in the “nice” months, but I have a YMCA membership to get me through the winters. Throw in some mall walks when I’m not feeling the treadmill, my least favorite piece of exercise equipment. Owning three bicycles, two e-bikes, and a road bike, I am never without an option for friends and family to join in.


I enjoy amateur photography ( Instagram accounts: @bryandlawrence and @wawasdesigns) and video production (YouTube channel). I have been recently interested in the world of AI and have been exploring various implementations of image creation. In addition, I maintain and play with multiple domains and websites. Frankly, just for the fun of it. I certainly lean into it and find ways to integrate and track my every move. šŸ™‚ Yes, I have a strong and odd sense of humor, so keep that in mind as you visit my “vast and extensive online kingdom”. Some for the humor of it, some just for my curiosity.

As of late, I have been looking to travel more; isn’t that what retirement is for? Retirement has been an adjustment, and I wanted to let it sink in for a while. I’m finally at the stage where I no longer answer to anyone. This gives me the freedom and joy to march to my drum. However fast or slow I chose to do so.